Here in AB-SKINNY, the one thing we believe in is you.

See, we already know women are amazingly competent, capable, stunning beings; we just don't see enough women strutting around like THEY know it.

When we look good, we feel good.
For us, dressing well is just a means to an end; fashion is a tool.
The end goal is when we stand a little taller, speak a little louder, shine a little brighter.
That's why we exist - we are here to help you find the clothes that let you be you - unabashed, uninhibited, undeniably, you.


“We believe that well-made and well-fitted clothes have the power to inspire confidence without burning a hole in your pocket”.


We don’t fit our clothes on static mannequins, or models of the standard, industry size 0. Why? Because our clothes are made for real women, by real women, doing real things in real life. We believe the right clothes should fit you, as opposed to you trying to fit them. We consider a woman’s concerns, then we fit the clothes on real ladies reenacting real-life situations: like tying our hair. Rooting in our pockets for tissue. Getting dressed in a flash when we’ve snoozed one too many times. Chasing after a bus - we feel you.


Our desire is to be a brand that’s got a woman covered in every season and stage of her life. Why? Because life’s a journey, and one we don’t have to walk alone. We work hard to design all our pieces in-house, catering to every aspect of a woman’s life, for every size, shape and style so you can rest easy, knowing we’ve got (almost!) everything you could possibly need.